Meditation Benefits

1. The best time of meditation is 3 to 6 in the morning.

2. 1 hour out of _24 hours, it is the time of the guru.

3. 10th of the money earned is of the guru. It should be put in Parmarth.

4. Guru order is guru bhakti | Guru’s first order is of meditation which was received at the time of Namdan|.

5. Whatever work of _24 hours, from getting up to sleep at night, all will be dedicated to the guru and actions will not apply | If you take it on top of yourself, you have to go to hell like the Pandavas, what is happening is to understand the guru’s

6. The Sumerian in mind for _24 hours keeps the mind and conscience clean. And the memory of the guru will always be there. That is Sumerian.

7. Those who meditate are called non-meditative | Meera was also called a love addict by the people.

8. If you eat something that is said, understand and eat, for the heart of the food that you eat will be the same.

As you eat, the mind, Jessa drink water, the same howe.” 

9. A prayer must be daily.

10. Collective Satsang meditation benefits from bhajans. In a classroom, a vulnerable student learns something with a student and passes into the classroom.

11. Guru’s Prasad i.e. “Barkkat” should be taken daily.

12. If you do food 2 times a day, meditation should also be taken 2 times a day, on which the day the Psalms do not.

13. Every soul has a part of God, so have mercy on everyone, have a love for everyone, even if it is your enemy. If I love every spirit of God, the Psalms will also be created|.

14. Parmarth’s path is of love, you will be trapped in the world’s minds.

15. If you are unable to take time for meditation in 24 hours, it is better to die in the water across.

16. In today’s time, it is wise that the householders go out of the psalms, and they are not going to get anything except crying.

17. Always remember your death. If death is remembered, the mind will never turn into a meditation. Death will not tell the time.

18. I’ll go with meditation and nothing else. Therefore, it is good to do, and the work of the world.

19. If a glimpse of the _reeds is shown, the mental balance will be lost. So, Mahatma said, “All is right. They don’t want to harm anyone| The point is simply of faith.

20. Eat food just to live. Don’t live to eat. Food to protect the body.

21. In _Parmarth, the body has to be dried and the mind and the senses have to be subdued.

22. _Appreciate your destiny that you have received gurus and Camden, when the world looks at it, it will be worth it.

23. Do not condemn anyone or else you will be buried under the weight of his deeds. Why are you taking the mountain of one’s deeds on its head

24. The reason for not meditating is not to remember the guru’s words, to turn guru’s words like a garland, as kanga repeatedly gropes his apron.

25. This tomorrow can be the welfare of the organism from three years in the era. With the whole of a satguru, the second is the accompaniment of the sage and the summer of the third “name”, the meditation and the psalms, all the other quarrels, except in these three things and deeds, there is an account of the organism.

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