Why do every birds speak in different tone..

           If there is a tree around your house, don’t hold it, so every bird where you lay eggs, you know, cuckoo, you will experience that where there is space to plant a tree, many days of laying eggs, birds of all kinds, before your own chatter in sound.  Cook… Why does Ku speak and murmur in his voice.  Why does the pigeon make a noise like its own child?  Why do birds do this?  The answer is also chatter.  Doing so chirps… Why speaks chirps Science says that every bird wakes up in the morning and people around get used to this sound.

               Are the birds convinced?  Tell us that today people around us or its voice no longer take into account the secret science of birds speaking, only after laying eggs.  Every bird has a different voice.  Everyone will know that a dead bird can make a variety of sounds. We wonder if a bird has two membranes in many different vowels.  How can the curtain sound!  Even birds.  Generally, the thick and other membranes are as thin as the normal air passing through the vocal cord. 

              Being both thick and thin curtains. Its chatter makes a noise all over his body.  That is why birds do it. Birds make about 100 kinds of sounds and release oxygen and their body can breathe more than us.  Each type of bird uses its own vocal cords. The folds are more powerful. And it is early in the morning for different birds to adjust the mona’s muscles separately so that they become adept at making different sounds of air.  

              Moreover, the full speed of birds makes the sounds of a variety of birds around us.  Listening to more than this sound may have been copied properly, but it is used for a variety of tasks.  It is proportionate.  Because of both thin membranes, they can do this by calling their partner to a thick part of their vocal ropes.  They make noises to call their cubs, imitating our voices. Another bird can mimic the sound of the sound of the sound machine to warn cows, and sometimes males and females can mimic the sounds of buffaloes or sheep to attract each other.  To raise the voice too!  

            So guys.  From now on, whenever you hear the twitter of a particular bird, as soon as the egg is chicked, it starts making a careful noise.  Cubs can grow on their own.  Another reason to try to understand them is that caterpillars make noise to ask for food. It is hidden in vocal cords. It mixes sounds in our vocal cord!  It is.  People in the vicinity are the same curtain from this voice of children.  When the city of birds was counted a = four minarets as and four mots around it cheeks

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