covid 19 precaution

 (1) Oxygen level should be 98

 (2) The pulse should be about 75

 (3) The report should return CRP 0-10 normal. (This report shows how much the virus affects the inside of the body.)

 (4) D-demerit should be above 500 (this report shows how thick the blood is in the body.

 (5) The WBC count should be 4000-10000

 (6) Platelet count should be 150000-400000

 (7) Vitamin C rich foods frequently (eating more oranges and citrus fruits)

 (() If possible, place the chest on the ground for 4 hours out of 24 hours, take deep breaths while sleeping, which acts as ventilation.

 (9) Kapalbhati and Anulom Vilom Karna

 (10) Do not be hungry and do not fast at all.

 (11) Drink as much hot water as possible. The body should not be dehydrated.

 (12) Corona patient is given Faby Fly anti antibiotic medicine in medicine. Comes from Glenmark Pharma Company. 1300 Comes in 30 tablets) Very rarely found in medical.

 (13) Enoxaparin sodium injection is given directly into the blood to thin the blood.

 (14) And also sodium chloride bottles are filled …


 One thing, in particular, is that there is no need to panic with Corona. The more we take it better the lighter….

 … and it is worth noting that physical exercise works much better than drugs.

        Important message for all    The hot water you drink is good for your throat. But this coronavirus stays hidden behind the paranasal sinuses of your nose for 3 to 4 days. The hot water we drink is not found there. After 4 to 5 days, the virus, hidden behind the paranasal sinuses, reaches your lungs. Then you have trouble breathing. This is why it is so important to take steam, which reaches the back of your paranasal sinuses. You have to kill this virus by steaming it in your nose

 This is what makes steam. The entire public health department knows this. But everyone wants to take advantage of this epidemic. Therefore, they do not share this information openly.

 Anyone who wants to stay at home should take steam once a day. If you go to the market to buy vegetables, take them twice a day. Anyone who meets some people or goes to the office should take steam 3 times a day.

                * Steam week

   According to doctors, Covid-19 can be killed by steaming from the nose and mouth and removing the coronavirus. If everyone started a steam drive campaign for a week, the epidemic would end soon. So here’s a suggestion: start the process of taking steam, morning and evening, each time for just 5 minutes.

    If everyone adopts this practice for a week, the deadly Kovid-19 will be erased. This practice has no side effects.

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